One of the methods that I like to use when glazing which is rather fun is the “bubble” method. Basically you choose a glaze that you want to bubble on top of another glaze, and the rest is simple. All you need is:

  1. A tall and skinny cup such as a solo cup or other.

  2. Straw

  3. Dish or hand soap

Plates with red glaze bubbled over white glaze.

Make sure that the glaze you want to bubble is well mixed, and pour about 1/4 of a cup into the solo cup. Add a few pumps of soap and stir with the straw to mix well. Now comes the fun part, start blowing bubbles! **Note** Be careful not to get the glaze in your mouth as we are dealing with heavy metals here. As the bubbles overflow the cup, you “lay” them across the piece. You can cover the whole thing, just do half, or a single stripe, whatever you’d like.

Some glazes will work better than others for this. I’ve had some combos where the glazes were rather heavy and the colors just run together, with no visible bubbling pattern to be seen. High contrasting glazes tend to work the best, but experimentation is always encouraged and fun.