Bubble glazing method

One of the methods that I like to use when glazing which is rather fun is the “bubble” method. Basically you choose a glaze that you want to bubble on top of another glaze, and the rest is simple. All you need is:

  1. A tall and skinny cup such as a solo cup or other.

  2. Straw

  3. Dish or hand soap

Plates with red glaze bubbled over white glaze.

Make sure that the glaze you want to bubble is well mixed, and pour about 1/4 of a cup into the solo cup. Add a few pumps of soap and stir with the straw to mix well. Now comes the fun part, start blowing bubbles! **Note** Be careful not to get the glaze in your mouth as we are dealing with heavy metals here. As the bubbles overflow the cup, you “lay” them across the piece. You can cover the whole thing, just do half, or a single stripe, whatever you’d like.

Some glazes will work better than others for this. I’ve had some combos where the glazes were rather heavy and the colors just run together, with no visible bubbling pattern to be seen. High contrasting glazes tend to work the best, but experimentation is always encouraged and fun.

Learning to write Gallifreyan!

The time has come, as it has before, where we find ourselves in a period of transition. One Doctor who we’ve grown fond of over the seasons is soon to depart and the air is palpable with anticipation of who the next Doctor will be. Luckily I feel like we didn’t have to wait too long to find out who that would be- Jodie Whittaker. The first female Doctor, whaaaat?! Color me excited. So upon reading this news I’ve found myself wasting spending obscene normal amounts of time browsing the internet for all the hottest gossip and community opinions on lady doctors and new companions.

Now, I’ve been here before in my “nerdness” where I run into all of these people who write fancy beautiful things in Gallifreyan (for those not in the know, this is the language of the Time Lords, and has a few iterations out there for writing purposes). I have always skimped over this beautiful written language, envious of the people who have the ability to write and understand it. I always assumed that it was tedious and difficult to learn, like most languages can be.

Below are some of the images that Loren uses on her website to teach people how to write in Gallifreyan. Click on one of the images to check it out for yourself!


Loren Sherman’s Circular Gallifreyan – Constanants

Loren Sherman’s Circular Gallifreyan – Vowels









Maybe it was because of this site, or because I took a little more time to focus on reading about the language… but suddenly I realized, “Hey! I can totally do this!!” So here I am… learning to write Circular Galllifreyan. The concept is very easy, and what I absolutely love about it, is that you have so much artistic freedom in the design of things. As long as you follow the basic rules, you can really make some awesome visuals! Obviously my first choice was to honor my website:

Don’t Give a Fox

I’m already doodling away in my sketchbook, turning more phrases into this awesome Whovian language. I’m definitely going to test my hand at designing some custom pottery for some of my fellow Who fans as well. I’ll make a post with the results. Stay tuned!

Forum Signature

This is really just a test post. I’m currently playing Everquest on a progression server. This is just the little photo I doodled on my Note 4 to use for my forum signature. To be boring and explain what it all means… I play an Iksar (read lizard) Necromancer named… Sallymonella (get it? GET IT?) and I have a pet named… Typhi. I know, so clever.